Yep, that's me yelling! It is hard to contain excitement every time a new flower blooms. I have been holding my breathe for months wondering if we could even grow flowers. Turns out we can and that makes my heart explode with joy!

We have been at the Salem Farmer's Market the last two Saturdays and this Wednesday we went to the Rolla Downtown Market. I am so grateful for every sale we've made so far. I have set up a self serve stand in front of our house to help sell flowers. We are also offering U-pick by appointment. I am really looking forward to people getting out to the farm and seeing their faces light up when they see all the flowers we have!

We currently have sunflowers, bachelor buttons, and zinnias in abundance. The cosmos, lisianthus, and marigolds are just beginning to explode. I also have a few gladiolus, snapdragons, and strawflowers blooming too. Come see us at one of the Farmer's Markets, the flower stand or call us to visit the farm or for a custom bouquet. Thank you all for your support!

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Hey all! It's Sammi. I wanted to check in and remind you that you can schedule appointments for private picking with no minimum purchase. We also allow pictures at the farm as long as you tag us in