Season Two Here We Come!

It's finally spring and we've been busy planning for our second season as flower farmers. Last fall we built a 20x60 greenhouse and overwintered 300 ranunculus corms. We also planted over 1200 tulip bulbs and 250 daffodils.

Having the greenhouse really helped with the seed starting this year. Not only have we started our flower seeds but we also started tons of tomatoes, peppers, and cucumber seeds. If you're looking for seedlings this spring definitely give us a call or send us a message.

We have Daffodils available now, not just the yellow ones you see everywhere but several other varieties. Our ranunculus is just starting to bud and the tulips are coming along nicely. We also have added a page on our website where you can purchase season subscriptions or order bouquets directly. We will deliver it within 15 miles of Salem for $5.

Let's talk lambs. Last fall we sold all but one of our wool sheep so our flock was down to 7 ewes and 2 rams. We had planned on selling the other ram but he was just too handsome and boy did he make some colorful babies.

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