Getting Started

It's funny how you always know what you're going to say until you sit down to write and then somehow the words escape you. I have been dreaming about this moment for quite a while and now here I sit wanting to tell you everything, yet not finding the words for anything. I'm not quite sure when the dream to have a flower farm began to grow in my heart. Maybe it was planted in my childhood growing up on a farm and watching my grandma grow flowers. Maybe there was a seed started when I competed on the Floriculture team with my local FFA chapter. I think the idea fully began to blossom when I began to see photos of flower farms on Facebook. See what I did there? I have always had a love of gardening, if not the greenest of thumbs. Luckily for me I married a man who seems to be able to grow anything.

About 5 years ago we purchased just over 30 acres about twenty minutes from our home. It became a weekend sanctuary and we began planting a small orchard. We had been inspired by our vacations to Michigan and the U-pick cherry farms we would visit. A few years ago I made an impulse buy and purchased five suffolk ewes. I am not sure my husband fell in love with sheep quite as quickly as I did, but he tolerates them for me. We added a few more bottle lambs, some more ewes, and after our first lambing season we ended up with 26 sheep. We are now into our second lambing season and still learning about sheep every day. How could you not love a face like this?

So now here we are, venturing in to the flower business. I would be lying if I said this was a carefully planned, organized adventure. It started with me sharing my dream with my husband and him saying, let's go for it. So we have been buying seeds, researching, starting seeds, and have even planted some bulbs. This is our trial year. Our chance to figure out what works for us and our soil, and what just doesn't. I have a kitchen table full of seed trays and baby zinnias and sunflowers, some of which have been dumped by the kids or the cat (no one has really owned up to that yet!) My money is on the cat.

I have big dreams, great ideas and the support of my patient husband. I can't wait to share more of our journey and eventually our farm and flowers with you!


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