Anxiety and Excitement

Sammi here. I just wanted to pop in and share my excitement over my little plant babies getting real leaves! As you know my early carnation starts were demolished by an unfortunate event. There are a few leggy wispy plants that might survive but it's doubtful. There was a second mishap where a tray of zinnias also ended up on the floor but they were much larger and easier to replant. They are actually doing better than they were! Look at these plant babies grow!

I have also moved all of my plant starts outside under our front porch to begin to harden off. The only plant tray left on my kitchen table has tiny little eucalyptus sprouts growing in it. This is intimidating because I read so much about how they are difficult to grow. I am actually planning on planting some of both the silver and blue eucalyptus directly into the garden, that is if I can get them to grow! If you all have any advice I am all ears!

Also BIG news! Yesterday I ordered some rooted dahlia cuttings from and I cannot wait until they arrive! I mean I'll have to because they don't ship until May 10 but if we don't have success with the bulbs that we have planted then these starts are our back up plan. AND if everything goes well then we will just have dahlias galore and that's a very good thing! I mean they are beautiful! (not my photo)

Sometimes this venture seems like an endless list of things to accomplish, other times it seems more like a hurry up and wait kind of thing. There is a lot of self doubt and anxiety that comes along with starting your own business, but the hardest part so far is being at the mercy of the weather and the plants. I am learning and researching everything I can so I have the knowledge to make them grow but at the end of the day, everything depends on their growth. All I know is I want to grow quality flowers that make people smile, in an environmentally friendly way. That is my goal.

Check back for more progress and updates and thank you all for supporting us on this journey!

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